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#Infographic: 5 benefits of having a mobile app

When it comes to using the power of modern technology to your best advantage, a mobile app is the top way to ensure that your WordPress blog is read by as many people as possible. As the mobile app industry continues to grow exponentially, its viability as a form of marketing will also continue to increase.

Almost everyone now owns a smartphone. What better way to reach your readers and customers than a mobile app? While smartphones and the mobile age both seemed like the wave of the future not that long ago, their time has arrived.

WordPress bloggers who want to reach the widest possible audience must embrace these changes if they wish to thrive in the long haul. Here are the top five benefits of having a mobile app.


Building a React theme for WordPress has never been easier


Building a React theme for WordPress has never been easier


  1. Sometimes we difficult to gain user or reader from our blog/site to download our Blog/Site App. What do you do to solve that things?

  2. Hi Rendra, thanks for your comment 🙂

    We recommend you to create a custom Smart App Banner to add a handy link to your app on your site or blog. Here’s the WordPress plugin for it. This provides a great way to convert more of your site/blog visitors into app users or encourage them to continue to use your app.

    Also try to connect and interact with your users as much as you can to get feedback on their needs and how your product is helping them. Then let them know the benefits of downloading your app and offer them something different, something interesting enough to share with their network (one of the best ways to get traction for your app is through word of mouth). E.g. exclusive content, mobile-specific promotional offers that only mobile app users can participate in, notifications to stay updated, etc.

    Know what your users need and make sure your app provides them with value.

    Hope it helps!

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